Heritage Project

Heritage Project

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Proposal for the formation of -
The Buckinghamshire Heritage Centre

Current groups participating -

Participating Group 1

Aircrew Remembrance Society (incorporating ARMS Aircrew Remembrance Memorial Society)

Current projects in operation - Save Finmere Tower (memorial).

Description of Groups Activity & Contribution

Aircrew Remembrance, Aviation Archeology, substantial aviation archive material incorporating 5 decades of research work, memorial construction. The society also provides assistance to relatives in uncovering the hidden treasures that history has to offer, in relation to their individual search for information in relation to loved ones, bringing long overdue closure to a tragic event in their family history.

The Buckinghamshire Heritage Centre is a concept for the amalgamation of individual history bodies to present, record and display their research portfolio and further development.

This is therefore an open invention to any existing historical groups to get on-board at the start to help with the overall development along with your individual groups interest. The Aircrew Remembrance Society main focus will of course relate to aviation history in the region during the Second World War. An opening therefore exists for groups and individuals with a similar interest in the other services, and all other forms of our local heritage not limited to any time through out the history calendar.

How you can help?

The question we suggest you ask yourself is can your line of interest, education, knowledge, craftsmanship or expertise be used in a way to assist this Heritage Centre, in all cases the answer 100% of the time would be YES!

The ways you could help are to numerous to list.

Hands on direct action from your computer desktop and even your handset.

Please do suggest positions you could fill or what your contribution would be and how it could help with the project.

There are a wealth of requirements to be filled, Influencers and promoters are therefore imperative from the start to raise awareness and bring in all these experts and trades that we require.

Society Aims -

In order to further previous work by the Aircrew Remembrance Society regarding the construction of memorials, and incorporating the preservation of the Finmere control tower, it was decided that this memorials society should be a charity, in order for us to raise suitable funds to pursue these aims. The society has therefor now registered with HMRC as a charity. The necessary steps to achieve this have now been taken and we have been allocated an acceptance number (061000065582) as notification by the government. We are now therefor recognised as a charity by the government, however to save the tower will be a costly exercise and we therefor envisage considerable cost to be incurred which could be resolved by obtaining grants from various bodies. In order to be eligible for such grants we will need to be registered with the Charities Commission, for an unregistered charity to achieve this we will need to raise £5000 before being accepted as a potential benefactor.

A total of 8,303 Bomber Command crewmen were lost during training in the U.K. Thousands of others were lost training in Fighter Command O.T.U.’s and other R.A.F. Command. The United States Army Air Force also lost many pilots and crews training in the U.K., as did numerous other allied nations.
Hundreds of other front line aircraft crashed returning from operations over Europe, along with many Luftwaffe crews on missions over Great Britain.
These thousands of lost boys with little trace of their sacrifice is the reason for the formation of this society.


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ARMS - Save Finmere Tower Project

Set up as a Keystone to establish a Heritage Centre for Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire Heritage Centre -

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