Royal Air Force Losses 1939 & Pre-War
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1st September, German troops invade Poland & occupy Danzig. 

01.09.1939 No. 121 Eskadra Mysliwka Polish PZL.P.11c Cpt. Medwecki
Location: Krakow, Poland.

2nd September, Britain & France issue ultimatums to Germany over Poland. 

3rd September, Britain and its colonies, France, Australia & New Zealand declare war on Germany.

03.09.1939 No.21 (1) Eskadra Bombowa Lekka PZL P.23 Karas Kpr.pil. Obiorek
Location: Kozy, Poland

4th September BEF (British Expeditionary Force) begin moving to France. First R.A.F. attacks on German Navy at Wilhelmshaven & Brunsbuttel; 8 out of 29 British Bombers shot down.

5th September, U.S.A. proclaims neutrality in European War. 

6th September South Africa declares war on Germany.
10th September Canada declares war on Germany. 

British Aircraft Carrier H.M.S. Courageous sunk off Ireland by German U-Boat; she capsized and sank in 20 minutes with the loss of 519 of her crew, including her captain.

25th September Heavy German air attacks on Warsaw. 

27th Warsaw surrenders to Germans. 30th September, Polish government-in-exile set up in Paris.

28.09.1939 No.110 Squadron Blenheim IV N6212 W/C. Cameron
Location: Kiel, Germany

29.09.1939 No. 144 Squadron Hampden I L4132 P/O. Coste
Location: Between Heligoland and Wangerooge.

29.09.1939 No. 144 Squadron Hampden I L4121 F/O. Sadler
Location: sea- Between Heligoland and Wangerooge.

30.09.1939. No. 224 Squadron. Hudson I. N7219 P/O Heaton – Nichols
Location: Sylt.

October -

15/16.10.1939 No. 77 Squadron Whitley Mk III. K8947. F/L Williams.
Location: Village of Geinsheim near Groß Gerau in the Rhein-Main Area near Frankfurt.

November -

30.11.1939 No.185 Squadron RAF Hampden I L4203 P/O Musgrave
Location: Grange Farm, Widmer End, Buckinghamshire, England.

December -

18.12.1939. No.37 Squadron RAF Wellington Ia N2936 Sgt. Ruse.
Location: Borkum Island, Germany.