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Welcome to Aircrew Remembrance Memorials Society (ARMS) Home Page

Please Join us today and help us remember thousands of forgotten Boys! All of them largely forgotten and denied their place in our Nations history.

A total of 8,303 Bomber Command crewmen were lost during training in the U.K. Thousands of others were lost training in Fighter Command O.T. U.’s and other R.A. F. Command. The United States Army Air Force also lost many pilots and crews training in the U.K., as did numerous other allied nations.
Hundreds of other front line aircraft crashed returning from operations over Europe, along with many Luftwaffe crews on missions over Great Britain.
These thousands of lost boys with little trace of their sacrifice is the reason for the formation of this society.


The fresh faced photos of these lads look like they are fresh out of school, as they stare back at us from the past.
The remembrance of their sacrifice must NOT be forgotten

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On The Barren Land Where They Fell Memorials Will Stand!