Aircrew Remembrance Society Foundation & History by David King:

The society is owned and run by my son Alexander David King who is also the founder of the society’s web site and is also its comprehensive designer.

The Society's Foundation History covers over more than five decades, this period is divided into three main sections, these sections cover the years from 1971 - to the present day. These sections have been set up to present our extensive back catalog which covers a wide selection of aviation related activities many being produced here for the first time.

Archives already produced will of course be part of the history, but there are many missing activities that need to be recorded that have occurred in between those already established. These three sections will fill in the missing gaps and will provide a detailed account of all the Society's work during these periods and up to the present day.
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Chapter one

The first 11 years in which aircraft crash sites in Buckinghamshire and surrounding counties were investigated and compiled into a comprehensive lost list. Many site investigations took place during this time and a number of major aircraft recoveries.

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Chapter Two

By 1981 a number of parts recovered was stored in a hangar at Booker Airfield, the need for them to be preserved, displayed and researched became the most prominent focus and goal for me at this time. This chapter therefor describes the building of the Booker Aircraft Museum and its development.
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Chapter Three

In April 1994 the Aircrew Remembrance Society was formed, enabling us to continue our research and remembrance work. The following sections cover four main periods of the Society's development activities in all work categories we cover, and in turn explains the Society's development and website evolution.
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