2018 to Present Day
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6th June 2020

ARMS Charity has now discovered Lone Star Land Ltd details of the proposed Finmere Airfield Concept.

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16th May 2020

New Remembrance Pages added -
R.A.F. ,Luftwaffe & U.S.A.A.F. have all been updated.

Further work behind the scenes for the new ARMS Charity society
Please see
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3rd May 2020

New Luftwaffe Remembrance Pages.
Updates to current Luftwaffe Remembrance pages and other.

Photo colour credit (DBColour)
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28th March 2020

Work on promoting the new group today!

Aircrew Remembrance Memorials Society (ARMS)

Join today and help us remember thousands of forgotten Boys! Largely forgotten in our nations history. Save Finmere Tower!
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11th March 2020

ARMS charity bank account opened.

ARMS Charity Established.

The Aircrew Remembrance Society has offered assistance and sponsorship to this newly formed charity.

This will include sponsorship for the ARMS Charity website to be incorporated on the Aircrew Remembrance Society3 website.

It will also provide all previous records established in relation to the tower memorial project, along with all relative contact details in relation to land owner and site developers.

Please join and show your support at

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4th April 2020

New R.A.F. Remembrance Pages Added.

Further work still going on behind the scenes for the new group
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28th March 2020

New Memorial Video Added to our Youtube Channel.

For more Aircrew Remembrance Videos on our Channel please see


Join ARMS today and help support this currently overlooked field of remembrance for those not lost serving in front line squadrons.

Please Join
Here Today

On The Barren Land Where They Fell
Memorials Will Stand

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28th March 2020

New Luftwaffe Remembrance Pages Added.
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1st February 2020

New U.S.A.A.F. Remembrance Pages Added.
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25th January 2020

New R.A.F. Remembrance Pages Added.
Further work behind the scenes regarding ARMS.
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19th January 2020

Further updates across the website, including our social media pages.

Please do follow us on our
instagram thank you.

#ARMSRememberMe #AircrewRemembranceSociety
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11th January 2020.

Site updates including new entries to the Diary.
New Luftwaffe losses added.
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26th December 2019

New Loss pages added to U.S.A.A.F and Luftwaffe
Memorial Tower Project updates added.
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14th December 2019

Site update -

New loss pages added too R.A.F and Luftwaffe
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4th December 2019.

M.O.D. Licence is granted for Overstrand K4564.

This crash site will now be investigated autumn 2020 when access to the land will become available following the harvest.

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15th November 2019.

Licence application for investigation into the crash site of Wellington LN536.

Back in August we reported on our visit to the crash site of Wellington LN536, with the help of Local historian John Panter, who kindly showed us the general location of a wellington crash witnessed by him at the time. Contact was made with the Land owner and an application for a Licence was made to the M.O.D.

Sadly today we received the following:

David, Further to your licence application for the Wellington LN536, as you will see from the attached, regrettably we are unable to issue a licence because of the concern of possible human remains still at the site because of the nature of the accident despite the crew have known graves.

Following this sad news that remains of the crew are still believed to remain there, we feel that as a result of this information that this most poignant site deserves a memorial of some kind. We are there for now making plans for such an undertaking.
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10th November 2019
(Annual Service of Remembrance Botley Cemetery)

On Remembrance Sunday David and Alexander King visited Botley Cemetery to pay their respect, many photographs and videos were taken on the day -

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Videos taken on the day along with many others taken by the Society can be found on our Youtube channel here
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9th November 2019

Memorial to crew of Lancaster II 408 Squadron.

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4th November 2019.

Banners on Main Street. 

As a result of our contact with relatives of Lancaster pilot Elmer Winn, the family in turn notified their local Canadian Legion regarding the forth coming memorial dedication. The Legion decided to make Elmer the focus of their town’s remembrance this year, and as a result banners with Elmer’s photo on hang from every lamp stand on Main Street in his home town  

From Susan Winn To: David King.

4 Nov 2019 at 18:05

Our town has finally decided to recognize our hero’s. Banners on Main Street. 

We heard that our town in coordination with our Legion wants pictures and info so we gave them what we had.  Glad to see them up. Every light stand has one.

David King To: Susan Winn

4 Nov 2019 at 19:01
Wow! That is so wonderful Susan! There he is up there where he belongs, this gallant boy there for his entire town to see and remember, God bless him!

Warm regards,

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31st October 2019.

(Lancaster LL720 Memorial)

Items prepared and sent to Holland for memorial service by The Aircrew Remembrance Society, in preparation for memorial dedication 9th November 2019, to the crew of Lancaster II LL720.

Framed photo of pilot Elmer Winn with inscription proposed by relatives in Canada unable to attend service. “Thank you for giving up your life for us to be free”

A Poppy wreath along with inscriptions for all the crew, sent on behalf of the society.

Named Wooden crosses in remembrance of all seven crew members.
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26th October 2019 (New Facebook Group Created)

Buckinghamshire At War 1939 - 1945 Facebook group was created in support of the Finmere memorial tower project relating to Buckinghamshire Aviation and other world war II activity in the county.

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24th October 2019.

Contact made with relatives of Lancaster LL720’s pilot Elmer Winn.

Today our Chairman David searching for relatives of Elmer Winn, located a phone number for a Susan and David Winn in Elmer’s home town of Stouffville, Ontario Canada. David phoned this number in Canada and Susan and her husband were indeed related.
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1st October 2019

Details of New Memorial to be unveiled in The Netherlands. (Lancaster Aircrew Memorial)

The society has been cooperating with Dutch Historian Jaap Geenson for many years. In 2014 our chairman David King was able to identify items recovered by Jaap on the Dutch coast line, as coming from a Lancaster aircraft. A memorial to the crew of this Lancaster II, LL720 408 Sqdn, will now be unveiled on the 9
th November 2019. The relatives of two of the crew members have been located, those of F/O J. Bonneville, RCAF and P/O E. Dramnitzki, RCAF. The search continues for relatives of the other five.

contact the site if you are in anyway related or have any information that you feel may help in tracing them.

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26th September 2019.

Relatives of Lancaster LL720’s Air/Bomber, F/O. John Raymond Bonneville traced.

Following work by our Chairman David King, relatives of F/O Bonneville (Pat and Terrie Bonneville) have now been traced, and will be attending the memorial service to the crew of LL720.

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14th September 2019 (Save Finmere Tower)

Further 13 O.T.U loss remembrance page constructed relating to another local crash in connection with our Tower Project.

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17th August 2019

Crash Site Investigation.

Following our investigation the previous weekend we again met with John to confirm the Wellington crash location and provide us with a six figure map reference, required for the licence application to investigate the site. This being the final requirement for the preparation of the licence document, John was then able to approach the farmer on our behalf to complete the document confirming his permission for the investigation.
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11th August 2019

Site updates:

Remembrance page constructed relating to the loss of current Wellington investigation. 10th August.

Remembrance page constructed relating to Miles Master II crash site investigation. 10th August.
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10th August 2019

Crash Site Investigation Miles Master II

Remembrance page relating to this incident has been constructed.

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10th August 2019

Crash Site Investigation F5 Olney.

Following recent research which uncovered the crash report relating to an F5 Lightning the land owner was approached with the view to a investigation. It later transpired that the site had already been investigated by the Twinwood Farm Group. It was therefor unlikely that much of the aircraft still remained following their investigation along with the photographic evidence provided by the crash report. With the land owners permission we took the opportunity to photograph and record the crash area for use in a fourth coming remembrance page in relation to this incident.
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10th August 2019

Eye witness to wellington crash prompts new investigation into a tragic loss. Local historian John Panter kindly showed us the general location of a wellington crash witness by him at the time. This site is now under further investigation.
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3rd August 2019. (Finmere Airfield)

Following our successful visit to the Shelswell festival on the 13th July, on the 3rd August we decided to spread the word at the towers home itself by attending the Saturday car boot fair, to enlighten those there of the threat to our Tower and their car boot activity. A large number of visitors visited our stall and offered support and the willingness to sign our on line petition. It was also a great moment to meet with Char Owen a dedicated supporter of our cause on this site, who also kindly took the opportunity to make a personal donation to the Tower project. In closing I must also thank my son Alexander, who painstakingly approached all stall holders which must have totalled over 100, to present them with a leaflet and take time to explain the plight of our Tower.

David King. Chairman, Aircrew Remembrance Society.
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13th July 2019

Shelswell History Festival.

As promoted here in recent weeks the society attended the Shelswell History Festival 13th July 2019, following the kind invitation from show organiser Alice Goodall, with the view to promote awareness of the tower project.

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6th July 2019

Aircraft Crash Site Investigation.

Rare Boulton Paul Overstrand site located. M.O.D. Licence applied for.
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5th July 2019

The Society posted a moving extract from our guest book onto our Luftwaffe Facebook page, this posting would in turn result with details of a similar story which enabled us to create a new remembrance page for a Whitley crew.

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29th June 2019

New Additions Today.
RAF Veterans section updates.
Luftwaffe losses added.
Updates to USAAF 1942.
Historic Diary Entries.
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22nd June 2019

New Additions Today.
Moving film recording daughters visit to the crash site of his aircraft B-25 Mitchell FL193. This shows the unveiling of the Societies memorial to the crew by Trish Masters in memory of her father Sgt Eric Bailey R.A.A.F. now viewable
HERE on our YouTube Channel.
New Luftwaffe loss records added.
Finmere Tower Development.
As ten days had passed without a reply from Lone Star Land, a further email was sent to their head office for its attention.
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15th June 2019

New Additions Today.
R.A.F. Veterans page.
R.A.F. Losses.
Society Diary updates current and historical.
U.S.A.A.F. 1942 additions.
Memorial Tower - Stowe School Aircrew losses.
Further developments in relation to F-5 investigation.
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14th June 2019

On the 13th July the Society has been kindly invited to attend the Shelswell Festival, by the Rector at Diocese Oxford Alice Goodall. In preparation for this posters and flyers have now been produced and we have now collected a consignment for distribution.
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14th June 2019

U.S.A.A.F. B-17 42-31469 306th Bomb Group Investigation. C-47 Memorial Fly Past.
This video uploaded today relating to our investigation of this site on the 21st June 2014 under M.O.D. Licence 1773.

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8th June 2019

Our first video uploaded to our YouTube Channel, of our survey undertaken at the crash site of Wellington Mk. X. HZ375 11 O.T.U. October 2012.


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8th June 2019

Aircrew Remembrance Society YouTube Channel Opened.
Over the years a number of short videos have been produced recording some of our activities these are now being introduced on our newly formed YouTube Channel and will be periodically listed in the diary along with other events in relation to the relevant dates they were produced.

To view our YouTube Channel please click the image on the right.

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8th June 2019

Further correspondence with developers regarding planning progress for the Finmere Airfield in connection with our Memorial Tower project.
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1st June 2019

New Additions today.
Further in-depth research into Albert Bates service history.
F-5 13 PS Crash Investigation.
Contact with several land owners has taken place to establish the location and the current land owners of the crash site area.
Further USAF information relating to the build up of the 8th Airforce and the start of operations in the ETO.
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24th May 2019

New Additions added today.
R.A.F. Loss Catorgorys.
Society diary entries.
U.A.A.F. Catorgorys.
New Links Section added.
R.A.F. Veterans section updated with 19 Veterans. One Veteran Albert Bate the Grandfather of Alexander King (Webmaster) page is currently under construction with much more very interesting detail, soon to be added. Construction so far can be viewed via the link below.

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18th May 2019

New additions added today.
Aditions to all loss catorgorys.
Society diary enteries .
An important historical contribution undertaken in 1983 for inclusion in our aircraft preservation section. This relates to Spitfire IX MK297 (direct link to this article below)

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4th May 2019

New Additions added today.
R.A.F losses.
Stowe School Aircrew losses.
(This comprehensive list of the 86 school boy airmen killed during WWII, recently compiled by our chairman, has now received its first two detailed loss related remembrance pages).

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3rd May 2019.
New book release Jan Jolie and Cees Joosen. World War II aircraft and crew losses over the Netherlands, in the areas of Oosterhout, Den Hout, Dorst and Oosteind.

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17th November 2018

New twitter account opened today.
You can now follow us by clicking the image right.-

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11th November 2018

Botley Cemetery Oxford, Today 11a.m. 11-11-18. Buried here are 743 service men and women from both world wars, including 461 Aircrew killed in Buckinghamshire and surrounding counties.
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11th November 2018

Framed illustrated memorial presented to the Royal British Legion Winslow. First displayed in Winslow church, now preserved in the Legion hall.
In memory of the 4 aircrew and 13 civilians tragically killed in the Winslow air disaster when on the 7th of August 1943 when a Wellington aircraft X3790 from No. 26 O.T.U. crashed into the Winslow high street demolishing the Chandos Arms and 3 of Rose Cottages terrace dwellings numbers 4, 6 and 8.
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11th November 2018.

Remembrance Day Memorial display to airman killed in Buckinghamshire and surrounding counties, placed at Finmere Control Tower.
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5th October 2018.

The Societies long history of support in the role of aircraft preservation and restoration for the last five decades continues with this instrument donation by our webmaster, Alexander King for this flying Hurricane rebuild, V7497.
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12th August 2018

The three domain names recently purchased, have now been prepared for use in the individual construction of the three main loss sections to be recorded on our new website, Aircrew Remembrance Society3.com. Facebook pages with direct contact to these individual sections, will be set up to provide notification when new related material in each category is added.

11th August 2018

Three new domains acquired -

25th May 2018.

Aircrew Remembrance Society launches Petition to Save Finmere Control Tower.
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18th May 2018.

Eye witness to three WW2 aircraft crashes provides the society with valuable historical information, sites now being researched for possible further investigation.
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28th March 2018

Donation of part from Spitfire P9469 donated to The Hornchurch Aerodrome Historical Society.
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17th February 2018

New website under construction.

16th February 2018

New domain name acquired.

Following the loss of our first website along with its domain name (aircrewremembrancesociety.com)
Which ran from (2007 - 2012) when it suddenly was removed from the web.

We believed that we had placed this in safe hands, but sadly it was removed from our control by this person we had trusted, through dishonest and corrupt methods beyond our control.

To insure our site was returned to the web as soon as possible we purchased the domain - (aircrewremembrancesociety.co.uk)
Which ran from (2012 - 2018)
By 2018 this proved to be inadequate for future expansion to a wider audience and development in size, therefor this new domain
Has now been purchased to rebuild a new site, to felicitate many additional sections that will cover multiple historical related activities by the group over five decades, now to be constructed in the societies Diary. Along with the continuation of our multiple aircrew loss remembrance pages. (2018 - precent)

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