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16th November 2017

Auster Aircraft Radio rack donated to Craig Sampson of Antique Aircraft Org
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16th September 2017.

The moving story of a missing World War Two airman recently identified, sent to us by our German researcher Henning Hiestermann
. Which also involved our good friend and aviation archaeologist Rudiger Kaufmann.
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7th July 2017.

DB603 Engine Comes Home.
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1st July 2017

Australian Air Gunners Relatives Visit his Memorial in Watlington, England.
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17th June 2017. (Crash Site investigation)

Information received by Alexander King that local resident had recovered U.S.A.A.F. Dog Tags and other items relating to 3 B-17 crashes.The address of the son of the Gentleman who found these Dog tags obtained by Alex and he was visited by David and Melvin to register the site locations.

Another site worthy of further investigation for possible recovery.
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5th April 2017

High Ground Wreck Exhibits at Coalhouse Fort.
Sabre exhibit under construction relating to the collision of XD707 and XD730
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6th January 2017

On the 6th January we heard the sad news that Steve Hall had passed away. Steve was one of the pioneers of what would come to be known as Aviation Archaeology, formerly as a member of the Wealden Aviation group and, amongst other things, one of the originators of the concept of a museum at Tangmere. Steve worked for many years with our leading Luftwaffe historian Melvin Brownless, he enriched the lives of all of us that were privileged to know him. We will never forget his friendship, kindness and his sense of humour, always the prankster and comedian he would often lead you on with some yarn, so you always had to stay sharp. Along with these precious memories Steve also leaves us another Legacy, that which is the large catalogue of historical aviation archives, work collated by him over many decades, much of which was undertaken before the computer age, when letter writing was the means of communication that had to be used. Without this painstaking work hundreds of documents, photos and stories would have been lost. The Aircrew Remembrance Society is proud to be able to reproduce much of his work in many of our web site remembrance pages, a legacy which now in turn is a lasting memorial of remembrance to this legend in our field. Our Missing Man, Our Friend, Steven Hall.

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10th September 2016

Bomber Command Veteran Records His Memories.
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27th May 2016

Wellington the Hollows, Information obtained from local resident.
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26th September 2015

New Aircrew Remembrance Society Memorial to fallen German Aircrew.
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2nd July 2015.

F-86 Sabre and B-29 "Over Exposed" Items for Coalhouse Fort display prior to collection.
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23rd February 2015

High Ground Wreck Collection
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August 2014

Aircrew Remembrance Society Display Stand and Exhibits.

To further the remembrance work of the society, a stall was obtained at The Buck’s County show in August. Many new contacts were made with farmers and as a result two further crash sites are now under investigation. We were also able to assist numerous members of the public with research information relating to loved ones, and further remembrance pages are soon to be added to the site. A special thanks to Alex King and Ryan Stevens for organising the event, and the distribution of many leaflets on behalf of the society.

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Some of the many photo brought to light were those from our meeting with Carole Paternoster, in memory of her father Thomas Ecclestone,
and his Navigator John Shimmin. To view their remembrance page click here

21st June 2014 (crash Site Investigation)

B-17 42-31469 306th Bomb Group (H)
Location: Near Bletsoe Castle, Bledsoe, Bedfordshire, England.
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21st June 2014 (Crash site investigation)

U.S.A.A.F. B-17 42-31469 306th Bomb Group Investigation. C-47 Memorial Fly Past.

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May 2014 (Crash Site Investigation)

B-17F 42-30767 GY-Y 306th B.G. 5th January 1944. During spring/summer of 2014 we investigated a number of B-17 crash sites in this area this aircraft crashed on take off from Thurligh somewhere in this area (Airfield buildings on the horizon in this photo) this site needs further investigation as a large area of open farm land needs to be searched.
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Halifax II W7887 35 SQN. (Crash site Investigation)

General area of crash site located and recorded, further investigation needed for the record of this loss.
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5th October 2013

RAF Finmere former Bomb store investigation.
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29th September 2013 (Crash Site Investigation)

Wellington MK X HZ375
Location: Charndon, Buckinghamshire, England.
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October 2012

YouTube video of our survey undertaken at the crash site of Wellington Mk. X. HZ375 11 O.T.U. October 2012.


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17th April 2012 (Site Investigation, Photos taken of ex Wing Airfield Generator found on local farm)

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29th March 2012

Vickers Wellington Dig Planned.

Alex King with a section of wing spar found at the site uncovered during the recent plowing.
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