Founded 1994
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Founded 1994
27th September 2007

To assist us in our search for relatives and further information in remembrance of the pilot of Mustang III FX876, Aleksander Pietrzak, we invited the Braintree Weekly News to attend the recovery, so as to present an article with a request for help in our search for relative information. The following Thursday27th September 2007, they printed a front page report.

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18th August 2007

Visit to Epping Cemetery to pay our respects at the grave of W/O Aleksander Pietrzak, prior to the recovery of his Mustang Aircraft.
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June - July 2003

Recovery of Mosquito MM150

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Halifax II LW324 ZA-J 10 SQN. Crash site investigation.

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23rd November 1996

Recovery of Messerschmitt Bf 109G-5 R/2 Werk-No. 27107 4/F123 DQ+GA. Uffz. Herbert Blochberger.
Recovery undertaken by the Aircrew Remembrance Society in associations with Laurent D’ Hondt and the head of the society’s Luftwaffe research Melvin R Brownless.

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