26 O.T.U. Wing Airfield
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Wing Airfield RAF Home of No. 26 O.T.U

RAF Wing airfield opened on 17 November 1941, although the upgraded runways were not finished and the first flight was not until March 1942. The station was used primarily as a training facility, but some operational missions were also flown from there. No. 26 Operational Training Unit RAF for Bomber Command was formed at Wing on 15 January 1942 as a 2/3 status unit within No. 7 Group, equipped with Vickers Wellingtons to train night bomber crews.
The two operational squadrons were No. 268 Squadron RAF and No. 613 Squadron RAF. 613 Squadron arrived on 1 March 1943 with North American Mustangs, and 268 joined a day later with the same type of aircraft. On 6 March 1943[5], 268 Squadron left, and 613 Squadron left one day later, going to RAF Bottisham.
RAF Cheddington opened in March 1942 as a satellite station to RAF Wing
In April and May 1945, RAF Wing served as a gateway for tens of thousands of men returning from duty in Europe.

The Society's Historical record of Wing Airfield. Site Investigations and Archaeology recorded in date order.

Virtual Cenotaph

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Operation Exodus Repatriation of ex-POWs

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The Martin Baker MB3 Accident

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Aircrew Killed After Leaving 26 O.T.U.

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'I Was There' Wing Veterans Stories

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Memorial Construction History
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26 O.T.U. Wing Airfield Memorial Progress Diary, Memorial Foundation History and Contributors

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Airfield Buildings, Other Related Items, Photos and Drawings

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