Airfield Site Investigation & Archaeology List
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Airfield Site Investigation & Archaeology

A - Finmere Airfield Investigation

Following a number of reports of aircraft remains being buried at Finmere Airfield, the society began investigating the area described Back on the 5th October 2013. The investigation was led by Alex King who first made contacted with the land owner Mrs. Collins in 2012. Permission was granted and a number of visits were made to survey the site in 2012. It soon became apparent from these visits that large quantities ruble from tracks and demolished buildings from the bomb dump area, had been thrown into this large deep war time storage hole, which was ramped at one end from ground level, down to over 20 feet deep in the centre. If any aircraft parts had been discarded after the war there, they would be below many feet of rubble, and the only chance of finding them, would have to be by deep machine excavation. An extensive search of the area revealed many remnants of former airfield constructions, but sadly no aircraft remains were discovered.

AC- Booker Airfield (UK Airfields R Flagg)

Booker Airfield first opened in February 1917

The airfield, originally known as Marlow Airport, was requisitioned by the Air Ministry in 1939 and opened in 1941 as RAF Booker and in 1965 was developed as the civilian aerodrome under the name 'Wycombe Air Park'. The airfield has featured in a number of films.

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