Aviation Archaeology And Crash Site Investigations
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Aviation Archaeology & Crash Site Investigations

10th August 2019 Wellington Crash Site Investigation

Eye Witness to Wellington crash prompts new investigation into a tragic loss. Local historian John Panter kindly showed us the general location of a Wellington crash witness by him at the time. This site is now under further investigation.

North American Sabre F.Mk 4s XD707 & XD730 display at Coalhouse Fort.

High Ground Wreck Exhibits at Coalhouse Fort. Sabre exhibit relating to the collision of XD707 and XD730 

Back in 2015 we reported on the acquisition of a High Ground Wreck collection by our webmaster Alex, to assure its preservation. The opportunity had arisen for us to obtain a large collection of historic interest thanks to John Ownsworth. The collection began as far back as the 1960s, an impressive preservation achievement by a dedicated group of guys with an interest in aviation. Those involved in creating this collection, include, John Ownsworth, Jim Chatterton, Alan Jones, and the late Martin (Sef) Johnson. Our hope was to make this large collection of items available for public viewing. This now constructed thanks to the work of Elliot Smock, with the support of The Thames Aviation Museum, housed at the historic Coalhouse Fort, Tilbury, Essex. The High Ground Wreck Collection joins the recovered aircraft exhibits already displayed by the group, these along with other exhibits relating to this historic fort on the Thames, along with its known paranormal activity, makes this a compelling site to visit for anyone with an historical interest.

Right -  The display at, The Thames Aviation Museum, Coalhouse Fort, Tilbury, Essex (2017).

Vickers Wellington Mk X HZ375 Investigation & Recovery.

The investigation and recovery of Vickers Wellington Mk X HZ375 took place over the 28th & 29th of September 2013

Although the majority of this aircraft was removed at the time of the crash, still many interesting small finds were made.

This recovery was undertaken in memory of eight crew killed when this aircraft crashed. Before the recovery started a few words were spoken on behalf of the crew, and a minutes silence held.

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