Memorials & Remembrance
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Memorials & Remembrance

26 O.T.U. (Operational Training Unit) Virtual Cenotaph

In association with The Wing Airfield Memorial.

A virtual online memorial to all those who lost their lives serving with 26 O.T.U. it will also include other major events and tragedies.

A month to month record of events, focusing mainly on Aircraft and Aircrew losses, also including in addition a summery of other events related to the airfields history.

View Virtual Cenotaph Here

Avro Lancaster I PD214 Crew Memorial (Henning Hiesterman 6/10/2016)

A Memorial for eight Lancaster crewmen (Four still missing) City of Cloppenburg, Staatsforsten, Germany.

Report from one of our researchers in Germany, Henning Hiesterman. (Translation from local Cloppenburg News report.)

Photo - The new Lancaster crew memorial at Staatsforsten.

Avro Lancaster LM464 101 Squadron Memorial Syleham Suffolk 16/03/2024 (UK Airfields Richard Flagg)

Richard E Flagg of UK-Airfields, Attended the dedication of a new memorial in Syleham Suffolk on the 16th March 2024. Memorial dedication to the 8 crew who died in the crash of Avro Lancaster LM464 of 101 Squadron. They were returning from a raid over Frankfurt in the early hours of 19 March 1944 when they crashed in rural Suffolk. A plaque has been unveiled at the Village hall and another near to the crash site.
David King of the Aircrew Remembrance Society made contact with two of the relatives prior to this event and was able to offer assistance in the form of information regarding to the location of this crash. #ukairfields #aircrewremembrancesociety #lancaster #wewillrememberthem #remembrancedayiseveryday #101squadron #raf #remembrance #ww2 #aircrewmemorial

Avro Lancaster Mk III EE126 Memorial Newspaper Report from Diepholzer Kreisblatt, Regarding the work of Volker Urbansky relating to the crash at Syke-Pestinghausen

On 23.10.2016, a wonderful, impressive day in the middle of a foggy flower field directly at the crash site a wreath-laying ceremony took place.

Lancaster EE126 Crashed on the night of (19./20.02.1944) They were caught in searchlights and attacked by a Night Fighter near Meppen. Sadly three of the crew were killed, while the remainder became POWs.

B25 Mitchell FL193 Memorial Plaque Erected 2008 (Aircrew Remembrance Society)

On the 20th September 2008 a small plaque and cross was erected by The Aircrew Remembrance Society, in memory of the crew of B25 Mitchell FL193. In a short but moving ceremony the cross was unveiled by the daughter of one of the crew, Trish Masters. Trish in the company of her daughter Karina were there to remember father and grandfather, Sgt. Eric Bailey and his three comrades, killed at the site on the 21st September 1943, the event of the ceremony therefore taking place on the eve of the 65th anniversary of the crash. Pictures show Trish at the unveiling.

Blenheim R3912 Pawlett Hams 15th July 2007

Blenheim R3912 Pawlett Hams

David is seen here prior to the aircraft recovery where he gave a speech in remembrance of the crew followed by a minutes silence. A plaque produced by the society in memory of the crew, was presented to the land owner at the end of the recovery.

Handley Page Halifax III MZ793 ZA-X, Bomber Command Veteran Records His Memories. 16th September 2016.

Following research undertaken by our webmaster Alexander King, we were honoured to be invited to the home of Roy and Shirley Maddock-Lyon, to record Roy's exploits as a Flight Engineer flying Halifax's with No.10 Squadron Bomber Command. A three hour audio tape has now preserved Roy's story. Now aged 91 Roy gives his harrowing account of being shot down over Denmark, his evasion with the help of the Danish underground, and his work with them to bring valuable secret information back to England after escaping to Sweden, and returning in the bomb bay of a Mosquito on the Stockholm ball bearing run. 

(Left) Alex King with Roy Maddock-Lyon (Right) Roy during training in WW2

Junkers Ju88 Wknr. 144550 Research From our Good Friend Henning Continues 1st May 2016

Following our visit to Scotland to remember a Luftwaffe crew and a missing man, we have remained in touch with the grandson of the pilot (Paul Rogge) Henning Hiestermann. Henning has worked tirelessly to assist us with further research into this tragic loss. Working for us in Germany his work is priceless! Reported here are his latest investigations in relation to the radio operator on his grandfather’s crew, Karl Brinkman.

Report from Henning 1st May 2016.

Today I was for a few hours in Holzhausen/Porta Westfalica. This is the village where Karl Brinkmann, the radio operator of my grandfather’s crew was born. I visited the church and met after the service the pastor Schierbaum. He showed me a book in which all the fallen Holzhausener of World War II are listed. I took a picture of the bookside (see attached file).

The church where Karl Brinkmann is remembered, and their book of remembrance.

Junkers Ju88A-14 Werke/Nr 1444550 September 2015

Memorial to fallen German Aircrew. The crash site was attended by the pilots Daughter and Grandson for the unveiling.

On a quiet Scottish hillside Irmtrud Hiestermann stood in wonder at the site before her, with her son Henning at her side at last she could stand at the place where the father she had never known, had tragically lost his life so many years ago.
At the time of her father Paul Rogge’s death, Irmtrud was just six months old. Personal items found at the crash site at this time, included a treasured photo of Irmtrud that Paul had carried with him, returned to the family by the Red Cross, this tragic artefact the only remaining token of her father’s love she would ever know.

Missing crew of R.A.F. Hampden P1206 finally laid to rest 7th May 2008 (DARE Group & Aircrew Remembrance Society)

The burial, at the Bergen General Cemetery, followed a Commemorative Service in the town conducted by the Reverend (Squadron Leader) Tim Wright and Father Kees Groenewout.
Hampden P1206 of 49 Squadron took off from RAF Scampton in Lincolnshire at 1714 hrs on 8 November 1941 for an intruder sortie in the Bocholt area of Germany, but failed to return. The aircraft was attacked over the coast by a German night fighter and crashed shortly after 2100 hrs onto farmland along the Dorfstrasse of Berkhout in the neighbourhood of Hoorn.
The remains of two of the crew, Warrant Officer Christopher Saunders DFM (Distinguished Flying Medal) RAF and Sergeant James D'Arcy RAFVR (RAF Volunteer Reserve), were recovered at the time by the Germans and buried in Bergen General Cemetery.
Attempts to recover the other two crew members, Sgt. Stanley Mullenger RAFVR and Sgt. John (Jack) Kehoe RAF, were unsuccessful.

Research From our Good Friend Henning Continues into the loss of Ju88 Wknr. 144550 with visit to Ernst Glück sister. July 2016

Visit to the Sister of Ernst Glück 14.07.2016 by Henning Hiestermann.

Thursday, 14.07.2016 Henning Hiestermann with Elisabeth Lewien,(born Glück), the youngest sister from Ernst Glück

Dear Friends,

Yesterday evening I get back from my trip to southern Germany. On Thursday, 14.07.2016 I visited Elisabeth Lewien, born Glück. She is the youngest sister from Ernst Glück, the observer of my grandfathers crew. She lives in Waiblingen, near Stuttgart and is now 86 years old. The other three sisters of Ernst have already died. Unfortunately, Elisabeth has mild dementia, but she can still remember her brother very good. He has always cared very much about his smallest sister and played often with her. She can still very well remember that he has often worn her on his shoulders. Read more -

Short Stirling LJ850 “Yorkshire Rose” found in France! (2016)

Researchers in France had uncovered aircraft parts that were believed to be from Short Stirling LJ850. The Aircrew Remembrance Society had been contacted by relatives of members on board, and is supporting them in their quest for a registered grave for their loved ones.

A list of those missing on board is reproduced below. If you have any connection with those listed, please contact the society, we will offer you our full support, and if requested with you consent we can put you in contact with other relatives of those missing, in the hope you may be able to assist each other in bringing closure to this tragic event, which has left 23 men missing for over 70 years.

Two recent articles published in the Times from close relatives relating to there quest for the recovery of this aircraft are reproduced below.

CBC News Documentary relating to relatives of Canadian crewman and the discovery of LJ850

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