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Our Chairman David King retracing steps of a war time funeral relating to two 12 O.T.U. casualties in this
then and now comparison. Both airmen would later be buried at Banbury Cemetery Oxfordshire.

Welcome to the Aircrew Remembrance Society site of remembrance.
This site has been constructed with over five decades of researched material, which is produced here in numerous categories covering many relating aviation subjects.These categories are listed in various named sections searchable by using the top menu.

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Aircrew Remembrance Memorials Society (ARMS)

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Join the ARMS Supporters Group and follow us on any of our numerous act of remembrance.
Memorial Projects
Individual Crash Site Investigations
Individual Aircrew Memorials
The Preservation of former R.A.F. Buildings at historic locations
You can also follow us here on our quest to protect and preserve Buckinghamshire’s Aviation Heritage.

We are looking for support for a new major remembrance project, along with support for our current activities. By following
ARMS Facebook page you will have access to updates to all fourth coming projects and activities.

ARMS Supporters Facebook Group

The concept of the ARMS Supporters Group on Facebook, is to establish a community of supporters and like minded people creating a platform for communication.

ARMS Facebook Page

The ARMS Facebook Page has been established for the purpose of keeping our followers and supports up to date. Latest events and projects will be listed along with an open invitation to contribute and assist in these developments, in various positions that will inevitably be required for the fulfilment and conclusion of all individual projects and aims.

As countless eight wheelers rumble through our once pleasant country lanes, in support of major building and cross rail projects that continually zigzag our countryside, invading nature’s own gradual erosion of these last surviving historic structures, the race in on to save as many examples as we can in Buckinghamshire. This hallowed ground that for many young lads from Britain and from the Commonwealth, would be the final dwelling place they would call home, destined never again to return to their native homes and families. We must insure that something tangible remains for all time that commemorates their tragic loss, and records in detail this bitter harvest of so many young boys.

Please Join ARMS Charity today and help us remember thousands of forgotten Boys! All of them largely forgotten and denied their place in our Nations history.

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